We nerd out a bit when we talk about plants.  I mean, how can you not marvel at what plants do for our bodies and minds?  At Veggie Campus, we focus on a plant-based approach to eating.  Whether you embrace it all of the time or a few times a week, we want you to be just as excited and motivated to get more plants onto your plate as we are.

Along with sharing our journey with you, we provide plant-based education, recipes and resources to increase your understanding of these wonderful foods we have at our fingertips.

Who is Behind Veggie Campus?

Caryn & Andrew

Caryn and Andrew have been a life-long health advocates. Their transition to plant-based eating started in the beginning of 2015, and they went completely meat and dairy free in December of 2016. The journey opened their eyes to the massive nutritional benefits, variety of foods available and cooking opportunities. In addition, they recognized how impactful reducing meat consumption is for the safety of animals and the environment. The lifestyle has continued to evolve their personal mission of paying attention to their consumer behaviors and compassion for the world they are so lucky to be a part of.

Andrew and Caryn combined their unique skill-sets within the field of education to create a place to share their knowledge and love of plant-based eating with others. Andrew has an extensive background in video production, digital content and education. Caryn has ben cooking and studying nutrition for over 15 years, is a blooming photographer, and her ever-evolving food photography can be found on their website and Instagram page.