Welcome to Veggie Campus! Eating plants doesn’t have to be so complicated. I show you how to make plant based eating simple and delicious, whether your’e new to cooking, on a budget, pressed for time, or traveling.  Across this site you will find tips and resources for both cooking and lifestyle.

All of the resources I provide:

  • Keep things simple
  • Focus on whole foods
  • Avoid all animal products
  • Don’t break the bank


 A Bit About Me…

Hi, I’m Caryn! I am deeply passionate about eating plant-based foods. I believe they offer the most benefits for our bodies, minds, animals and the earth.

I started eating plant-based in the beginning of 2015 and it forever changed my life. It took a year of transition, but by 2016 I was eating fully plant-based vegan, which means eating whole, plant foods and no animal products. I also live a vegan lifestyle, and avoid consuming any animal products, including things like clothing, make-up, purses, etc. Eating more plants has been a gateway to an incredibly fulfilled life.

My husband and I moved to Asia in July 2017 to take a risk in our careers, learn a new culture and travel around the opposite side of the world. It has already influenced the way I think about food. I shop more locally and seasonly, understand the eating habits of other cultures, and have learned about so many new foods.

I’m currently getting certified in Holistic Nutrition, and Health and Wellness Coaching. My heart belongs to educating others about all of the benefits that eating plants can bring, as well as traveling, good conversations, running, photography, tea and well-crafted whisky.


I make eating Plant-Based simpler, through cooking and lifestyle tips. Whether you're new to cooking, on a budget, traveling or pressed for time.

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