Welcome to Veggie Campus. I created this site to help you learn about plant-based, whole food living. I am an advocate of educating ourselves and determining what works best for our own bodies. I eat 95% plant-based whole foods, and do not consume animal products because this is when I feel at my best. Learn what works for you and if my resources help you in some way, that is great!

  • The resources I provide focus on bringing you information about plant-based, whole ingredients. This is from the foods we eat, to products we use every day. Such as how to meal plan and prep; facial products that are plant-based, whole and void of harmful chemicals; what it’s like to raise a family and eat plant-based; interviews with people changing their eating and living habits; plant-based ingredients to get started cooking, and so on.
  • The recipes I create, and those I recommend from other chefs or foodies, center around whole-food plant-based ingredients. This means they are free from animal products, oils and refined sugars. We’ve been eating our entire lives. Food is very personal and is a large part of our identity. It’s our life source, connects us with family and friends, evokes nostalgia, and has emotional ties. Changing how we approach our food can take time and often has a learning curve.  My goal is to provide simple, relatable recipes to make that learning curve easier. If you are not familiar with the term, here is a great resource for understanding the specifics of whole food plant-based. I believe these ingredients offer the most benefits for our health and continued well-being.

I’m not perfect and you shouldn’t feel that you have to be either! This is about a journey and we are all in this together – learning, sharing and supporting each other. Which is why I hope you will reach out any time with questions or comments so I can learn from you, too!

A Bit About Me…

Hi, I’m Caryn! I am a life-long health advocate and have been researching and learning about nutrition for over 15 years. My philosophy is to balance science and research with truly listening to what my body and mind need when it comes to the foods I eat.

My transition to a plant-based lifestyle and removing animal products as a food source, started in the beginning of 2015. It was an interesting and challenging few years of learning, I’m not gonna lie. However, sticking with the journey of opened my eyes to the massive health benefits, variety of foods and creative opportunities that come along with plant-based cooking and eating. It was well worth the effort. In December of 2016, I stopped eating animal products all together. Embarking on this path enlightened me to animal and environmental welfare, which I am now equally as passionate about. I aim for a completely vegan lifestyle in food, clothing, and all products I consume.

I am a Chicago native, and spent 5 years in Denver, Colorado before moving to Taipei, Taiwan in July 2017. My boyfriend and I wanted to take a risk, learn about a new culture and see what it’s like living on the other side of the world. It has been an amazing experience and has shaped the way I think about food, including eating with the seasons and locally, living with less and in smaller spaces, and so much more.

I started Veggie Campus because I want to share my experiences with you and provide resources that will make cooking, eating and living plant-based easier. Changing any habit can be a big challenge, but if you are patient and go at your own pace, you will get there. Keep trying, reading, learning and listening to yourself.

Again, please reach out any time with questions, and I also love feedback so that I can make this site useful and enjoyable.

Thank you,