Veggie Campus is blog focused on plant-based eating.  Although you’ll see a recipe from time to time, our over-arching goal in creating this site is to share resources and information about plants and living a plant-based lifestyle.  Veggie Campus is especially crafted toward all people who are just starting out or are interested eating plant-based.  There’s a lot of information out there, so we’d like to reduce repetition, keep it fresh and make sure you get the resources you need to make your life easier during this process.  Please reach out with any questions at any time!  We love to chat on the subject.

Who Is Behind Veggie Campus?


Caryn has been a life-long health advocate, researching and studying nutrition since high school.  She’s loved veggies since she was a wee child, but transitioning to a completely plant-based way of eating started in 2015.  Beyond the nutritional benefits, variety of foods and cooking options, her journey has opened her eyes to the many ways that reducing meat consumption helps animals and the environment.  The connections and contacts she has made continues to evolve her personal mission of paying attention to her consumer behaviors and having compassion for the world she gets to be a part of. She, and her equally plant-loving boyfriend Andrew, combined their unique skill-sets within the field of education to create a place to share their love of plant-based eating through Veggie Campus. Caryn is a blooming photographer, and her ever-evolving food photography can be found on their website and Instagram page.

PC: Will Rochfort & Heather Rochfort


When Andrew gave up his favorite (and famous) turkey sandwiches, it was for a good reason: his passion for plant-based eating.  He was fascinated by the incredible nutrition benefits and science behind the lifestyle, and wanted to share the information he was learning with others.  Veggie Campus was a perfect outlet.  Andrew has an extensive background in video production, digital content and education, and believes learning should be fun and enjoyable, while still informative.  He and his girlfriend, Caryn, work together to create videos, photography and blog articles for Veggie Campus.