Buffalo Tofu Bites: Two Ways

There are days when I want to make elaborate recipes, simmering sauces and soups for hours, relaxing with cooking. Then there are days like today – when I need something quick, light and and fresh. That usually comes with summer, when life speeds up and I want to spend more time outside than in the kitchen.

Temps are already rising in Taipei, with flip-flops winning over my tennies more and more. I’ve been eyeing buffalo sauce everything lately, so when I found myself with a particularly sunny and warm day this weekend, I decided it was time to give Buffalo Tofu a try.

The first batter and coating I used is by an Instagrammer called @plantpoweredsteph. (This link goes directly to her mozzarella sticks post on her instagram). I made her mozz sticks recipe over the weekend, and had leftover batter and spiced breadcrumbs so that made it easy! The only change I made was omitting black pepper and parsley in the breadcrumbs, and adding paprika instead. It is almost good enough to eat without cooking. It made a thick coating, and I was looking forward to a crunchy and thick texture on the tofu.

Then I saw this really quick buffalo tofu coating in recipe from From My Bowl. I decided I’d make her batter as well to see which one I’d like better. If you don’t follow her, From My Bowl is known for making vegan, plant-based recipes much simpler. They always turn out tasty, too!

I was going to make From My Bowl’s buffalo sauce as the final coating for both, but couldn’t resist the ease of buying Frank’s Hot Sauce when I saw it at the Carrefour. I was actually shocked to find it in Taipei! After coating half of a block of tofu in one batter, and half of the tofu in another batter, I poured Frank’s sauce over both.

I cooled both both batches of tofu in my freezer to get the batter and sauce a little solid, for about 20 minutes, then baked them in my air-fryer. The cooked very quickly in the air-fryer which was a bonus.


They both turned out great! They fulfilled the buffalo sauce craving I had, and would do well in a salad or a wrap. If I had to decide, I would choose From My Bowl’s if I needed a quick batter I could throw together in a few minutes. I would choose Steph’s if I wanted a heartier and thicker filling for my salad or wrap…and if I had a bit more time.

I highly suggest throwing these into your rotation for quick lunch or dinner options, paired with veggies or air baked fries. You could easily prep these at the beginning of the week and coat them with some extra buffalo sauce the day you’re using them if they get a little dry.

Happy Eating!