Spring Eats, Beats and Other Deets

Spring is alive and well here in Denver.  With the new season comes a sort of awakening and feeling of reinvention.  Flowers are blooming, colors are changing, seasonal foods rotate in, and even the music becomes lighter and more upbeat.  Ahhhh…I love taking a deep breath and smiling big when this time of year comes around.  Here are a few items tickling my fancy right now, including Spring/ Easter holiday recipes, fun tunes and other goodies.  Enjoy!

Let’s talk about THIS French Toast from Minimalist Baker that I made a few Sunday’s ago. I’m making these for Easter Sunday at Andrew’s aunt’s house and I’m so excited to share it with the fam.  We were drooling and it’s so simple to throw together!  Plant-based of course!

Here are a few other goodies I was thinking about making.  Based on the recipes I’ve already tried from these talented ladies, these would taste just as beautiful as they look:

Colorful Hummus from Alison Wu of Wu Haus.  You can sub in coconut or almond yogurt for plant-based version.  Recipe found on her instagram page or below in pic.  Besides her tasty recipes, combing through her blog and instagram pictures results in pure joy.

Spring Potato Salad from Making Thyme for Health


Easter Eggs ain’t the only thing that are being decorated these days.  How ’bout these gorgeous and fun toast and donut ideas from Fork and Beans and Plant Based Kristy?

Or these adorable bunnies, also from Fork and Beans.  She’s on it!  Check out her page for a ton of other fun ideas for the holiday season.

And if you need some sweet springtime tunes to skip to, here’s a new playlist (found on my spotify page), BLOOMIN BEETS.  It’s exactly what I want to listen to when it’s the first day of warmer weather, the sun is shining on my face, and I see flowers bloomin’ on the trees.

Kinda like these beauties in the park just down the street from our house…

In Summary…

What’s on your springtime agenda?