Why Veggie Campus

I’ve always been pretty healthy.  But two years ago, I decided to substantially increase the amount of plant-based foods in my diet, while substantially decreasing the amount of animal products I was eating.  I was both excited and perplexed by the change.  Excited because I felt I was doing something good for my body and the environment, but perplexed because it was a bit intimidating.  Plant-based cooking can take some time to get used to.  For one, cookbooks felt similar to learning a foreign language.  Every time I tried to make a dish, I wasn’t familiar with many of the ingredients listed in the recipe, and therefore often wasn’t able to make the recipe.  I grew up learning how to cook meat as the center of the dish with maybe a baked potato and a little bit of veggies on the side.  Vegetables as the main event now?  I wasn’t sure how I was going to make that sustainable over a long period of time without getting bored.  Going out to eat was a whole other challenge.  Some of my friends, although mostly supportive, were confused and slightly annoyed by the intrusion on our group ordering norm.  And, I missed steak, fish and eggs.

Despite these challenges, and a bit of waxing and waning in my approach, I remained determined.  I absolutely love life and feel fortunate every day for the opportunity to explore this amazing world.  I want to enjoy each moment for as long as I can, in the best shape I can be in.  I’d been researching and experimenting with nutrition since college, and once I learned about plant-based eating, in my heart I knew it was the answer.  In October, 2016 I went all in, completely plant-based, no more sometimes fish or a little cheese here and there.  I’ve become very accustomed to plant-based ingredients and recipes, and now it all seems so normal.  Andrew, my boyfriend, also recently moved to a plant-based diet which has made this even more fun to explore together.

With both of us eating plant-based, naturally we started to receive a lot of questions from family, friends…and friends of friends about our new eating habits.  Many people were curious and wanted to try it out but, similar to us, it seemed too challenging for various reasons.  Andrew and I decided that we needed an outlet to share all of the knowledge we’ve gained to help others incorporate more plants into their diet.  Thus was born Veggie Campus!

We definitely don’t have expectations that everyone will take the same path as us, removing all animal products from their diet.  That isn’t the purpose of this site.  What each of us chooses to eat is very personal.  Veggie Campus is a place for anyone who is curious and wants to learn more about incorporating plants into their diet, be it once a week, several times a week or for every meal.  As you’ll learn in our ‘About’ and ‘Start Here’ pages, we provide cooking tips and tricks on many different foods, recipes, nutrition information and plant-based news. We are excited to continue learning and sharing every day, and hope that you will join us on this journey!

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